State Trooper Crashes Into Car On Cross Bay

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By Anna Spivak

The damage to the red Nissan. 
Photo by Susan B. Adams The damage to the red Nissan. Photo by Susan B. Adams A New York State Trooper heading northbound on Cross Bay Boulevard collided with a red Nissan Sentra on Saturday, April 1, causing the car to spin and crash into a traffic light at the base of the Joseph P. Addabbo Memorial Bridge at around 9:28 a.m., an eyewitness told The Wave.

According to local resident and eyewitness Richard Santaga, “a state trooper turned from the south lane into the northbound side and just where that third lane opens up, the trooper sped up and was in that left lane. There was a red car in front of him and she was at a signal and she started going into that left lane and he hit the left rear side of her car, which caused her to spin around totally and hit the pole.”

Santaga said that the woman’s airbags deployed and that she had a female passenger in the car with her. While no fatalities were reported, the vehicle sustained heavy damage and was backing up traffic on Cross Bay Boulevard for several hours, as it wasn’t cleared until way into the evening.

According to a law enforcement source, there was a preliminary report taken at the scene and that it “looks like it was handled by state police.”

The source confirmed that the parties involved sustained minor injuries.

Santaga also mentioned that he did not see the trooper’s lights on or any signal that he was going to speed up.

The New York State Police Office of Public Information referred The Wave to a public information officer (PIO) for the New York City area, who said that the status of the incident is “still pending inves- tigation, which means we can’t really release a lot of information.”

The PIO did say that there “was an injury,” but could not specify to whom.

This accident comes on the heels of Councilman Eric Ulrich asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to direct State Police Superintendent George Beach to redeploy state troopers patrolling New York City to other areas of the State.

State police confirmed that over the last several years, they have issued an average of 50 tickets per year in New York City. In the first month and a half of this year, they have already handed out 3,000 tickets.

With residents saying the troopers’ actions are ‘bordering on harassment,’ many believe this incident will heighten tensions.

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Still very hard to believe

Still very hard to believe State Troopers Patrolling here.
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