Praise, Pans For Ferry Plan

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Simon Says
By Lew M. Simon, Democratic District Leader

Lew Simon Lew Simon At exactly 11:10 a.m., on Thursday, March 30, I was briefed on the Rockaway ferry operations by Justine Johnson, Assistant Vice President, NYC Economic Development Corporation.

I am very excited that our lobbying efforts to get the early morning ferry needed by the trade workers were successful. It hit me like a ton of bricks when Ms. Johnson told me that the National Grid parking lot across from the ferry landing would have an $8.00 daily parking fee. This is totally unacceptable. It will make the ferry not affordable for most passengers.

The EDC based the rates on those charged at the municipal lot on Beach 116th Street. They claim that they want to keep the beach crowd from filling the lot. I explained that 99 percent of our local community does not use the municipal lot. I have suggested from the very beginning that tickets be purchased in the parking lot verifying that the customer is using the ferry.

We are suggesting a community meeting to allow local residents to have input on the parking lot fees. The current plan is a slap in the face to those of us who have dreamed of, and fought for, an affordable ferry. It boils my blood that the City of New York proposes rates that screw our community.

2017-04-07 / Columnists

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Give us our sbs bus service

Give us our sbs bus service give farrockaway better train service give farrockaway queens rail Lew we apprciate your help to stop these. Elected officials that have put hotel shelters and regularshelters and every other program. Dumped in farrockaway now posible jails the edc booklet itself has man holding sign farrockaways needs more shelters modern police station the police station we need not. The shelters we dont need.they the City want the same owner of the hotel. To get a piece of the mott ave bus stop please lew stop praising these politicians coalition of the rockaways chairman bruce jacobs happy holidays
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