I Miss Her Already

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Dear Editor:

A beautiful, talented woman passed away last Sunday--Susan Hartenstein. I've known her for years, here and there--I was with her in a few plays, we both took Improv classes at the Rockaway Theatre Co and, in the past year, she has accompanied me to the Beacon rehab center to take my chair yoga class.

It was always a pleasure to be with her, and, although she had many, many ailments, she always made light of them and always made me laugh.

Years ago we were in a show which comprised a group of skits. She was in one of those skits, and she had the actors in stitches even during rehearsal, even before the show was onstage. Anyone who has ever been in a comedy can attest that, for most shows, after a few rehearsals, no one laughs anymore and, after a while, wonders if the show is even funny at all. Well, once it’s staged and the audience sees it for a first time, the audience usually (hopefully) laughs and your faith in the show is restored. So you can see how unusual it was that we always laughed at her skit during rehearsal, time after time! She was that talented. She was also an accomplished writer, writing a column for the Wave for years, an accomplished artist, exhibiting her art works at the Rockaway Artist Alliance's shows.

It was always a pleasure to be in her company and I miss her already.


2017-03-31 / Letters

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She lived in the same

She lived in the same building as my wife and I yes a very nice lady.
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