A Ferry Merry Day In May!

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Rockaway ferry to start service on May 1
By Mark C. Healey

The Wave has learned that Citywide Ferry Service – which will now be called NYC Ferry – will launch in Rockaway on May 1, a month ahead of schedule.

 Also, as The Wave first reported on April 5, the city has also given folks on the peninsula something else they had been asking for: a 5:30 a.m. run to New York City.

According to sources; two routes will open May 1: the brand new Rockaway Route and the existing East River Route, both of which will cost just $2.75 a ride and include free transfers between routes. This puts NYC Ferry a full month ahead of schedule, with the system having initially been projected to launch in June of 2017.

The May 1 start date gives everyone a chance to acclimate to having the ferry back, just in time for Memorial Day.


2017-03-31 / Front Page

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Nice Thanks, Yep! And today

Nice Thanks, Yep! And today the Press Release is coming out with all the other information. It's a GREAT day!
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