Don't Sh*t Where We Live

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Profanity isn't appropriate for a newspaper, especially in an editorial, but frankly, given what we've seen around town, it seems that some dog owners need a reality check. How hard is it to clean up after your dog?

One can't even park their car without stepping in a fresh pile of feces it seems, and even the boardwalk – the half a billion dollar boardwalk that is supposed to be the symbol of Rockaway's revival – is stained with fecal matter.

This isn't a Rockaway problem, as an estimated 40 percent of American dog walkers don’t pick up after their dog, which is frightening considering dog poop is a dangerous pollutant. Responsible dog owners need to pick up after their pups to keep our community healthy, happy and safe.

The most common reason we hear from people who don’t pick up after their dogs is that they don't wish to carry the poop around with them after the deed is done. "We were jogging, I can't stop." Well, then get rid of your dog, because that's part of the social contract. Just one gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal bacteria. The street is not your poop dump. Try investing in a product that allows the dog owner to clip the filled poop bag to the leash, thus removing the need for the owner to carry it for the remaining duration of the walk.

Another gem we hear is that dog poop is organic and just breaks down naturally. Wrong. Fecal matter takes months to decompose, is toxic and contains loads of parasites such as ringworm, roundworm, salmonella and giardia, which is contagious to both humans and other animals alike.

The solution is to pick up your dog’s poop, because your dog shouldn't sh*t where we live.

2017-03-31 / Editorial/Opinion

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its never going to change

its never going to change unless tickets are given out

Thank you for highlighting

Thank you for highlighting this problem! Couldn't agree more! It is so dangerous on top of being just plain rude, lazy and inconsiderate.

I fully agree with this the

I fully agree with this the street is not your poop dump. PLEASE pick up I hate stepping in it but let's not forget those who always do pick up thank you!

The coalition of rockaways

The coalition of rockaways agrees 100 percent with you in my neighborhood alotof people dont pick up this besides health concerns this can lead into big violent problems if you dont want to pick up you shouldnt have a dog
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