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By Ilyassha Shivers

If you are a resident of Far Rock-away you should be concerned about the future and more specifically the upcoming local elections. There are those who would say, “The system is fine just the way it is.”

On the other hand, there are also those who are fed up with the status quo. Over the past 20 years, Far Rockaway has seen a decline in several major areas of development, especially economically and educationally. We have been the victims of self-serving leadership for too long. They want to take the credit when things are going well, but call you a hater when you point out their failures. However, this is not about throwing insults or injuries it is about moving together in a positive direction.

Let me lay out a few concerns, and if you have a plan to address them, please let me know.

Education: Far Rockaway is home to several of New York’s underperforming schools. Math and reading scores are below standard.

Medical Care: After the closing of Peninsula Hospital, most residents’ access to proper healthcare has become even more strained. We still do not have a trauma center.

As far as Economic Develop-ment goes, we all know that the Rockaway Development & Revitali-zation Corporation (RDRC) is the conduit through which funding flows and their reputation speaks for itself. Some would even say that the RDRC is one of the major players in the demise of Far Rockaway. After all, funds that are allocated to programs in the Rockaways go through their hands first. As far as their track record, no one knows. There is $91 million to revitalize downtown Far Rockaway and guess who the conduit for those funds is?

Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts. Keep supporting The Wave.

2017-03-31 / Columnists

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Thank you. Mr shivers you

Thank you. Mr shivers you are. A great reporter

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The coalition of. The rockaways totaly agrees with you they give complete promises then disregard every promise they made everything is a poltical. Favor in their own booklet ofcouse we. Want. Developement however one of their people was holding a sign far rockaway needs more homeless shelters and a modern police station we. Want The police station look at. The mess reported in astoria The coalition of The rockaways loves their neighborhood. So we will continúe to make sure The rockaways aré not dumped on again you let. That corporación and council know we are watching close bruce jacobs chairman coalition of the rockaways Your right they are responsable for the mess in the rockaways we are watching
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