Burglaries Persist Throughout Peninsula

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By Howard Schwach

Even though many Rockaway residents have returned home and the street lights have gone on throughout the peninsula, incidents of burglary continue throughout the peninsula.

In the 100 Precinct in Rockaway Park, statistics for early December show that burglaries for the week in relation to the same period last year rose to 11 from 6, a rise of 83.3 percent, not as precipitous a raise as in past weeks, but a raise nevertheless.

The 28-day measure shows that burglaries during that period rose to 53 from 10, a 430 percent raise.

In the 101 Precinct in Far Rockaway, burglary incidents climbed for the week of December 3 through December 9 to eight from one the previous year, a rise of 700 percent. For the 28 day period ending on December 9, the incidence of burglary grew to 28 from 12, a rise of 133.3 percent.

Police sources say that the burglary rate is directly tied to Superstorm Sandy and the fact that so many homes have been abandoned over the past five weeks. They expect the burglary pattern to end as more people come home.

2012-12-21 / Top Stories

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